Sépia, a story



Client Alvará | Creative Direction and Production bonjourmolotov | Script Lara Magalhães | 2D Animation and Sound Design bonjourmolotov | Illustration André Gigante | Music Sépia, Alvará | Project Management bonjourmolotov | Date 2013

“I put on my tie while I sigh. I take the umbrella and leave without even taking breakfast. It’s 7h30am. I’m late again.” Sépia is a 2D animation developed to be a videoclip for the music with the same name by Alvará, a portuguese band based in Porto, with interventionist songs and lyrics, created in 2009.

The video shown here is an adaptation of that videoclip to a short animation film. Sépia, the story, was invited to participate in the 1st Animation Film Festival OLHO, a non-competitive festival which took place in Museu de Marionetas (Puppet Museum) of Porto.