Sépia, a story




“I put on my tie while I sigh. I take the umbrella and leave without even taking breakfast. It’s 7h30am. I’m late again.” Sépia is a 2D animation developed to be a videoclip for the music with the same name by Alvará, a portuguese band based in Porto, with interventionist songs and lyrics, created in 2009.

The video shown here is an adaptation of that videoclip to a short animation film. Sépia, the story, was invited to participate in the 1st Animation Film Festival OLHO, a non-competitive festival which took place in Museu de Marionetas (Puppet Museum) of Porto.

Creative Direction and Production bonjourmolotov
Script Lara Magalhães
2D Animation and Sound Design bonjourmolotov
Illustration André Gigante
Music Sépia, Alvará
Project Management bonjourmolotov


Sepia bonjourmolotov Animation Motion Short Story 29.png